A Very Merry Feminist Christmas.

Tis the day before Christmas,

Nothing seems to be amiss,

The locally-made stockings are hung with care,

The organic cookies wafting through the air,

The fair trade gifts stacked under the Christmas tree,

The family and friends all smile with glee,

Oh, what’s that you say, you’ve yet to spend?

Can’t decide what to buy your feminist friend?

Have no fear, the best gifts are near!

Don’t you just love the internet, my dear?

From a tea towel to a tote bag,

Your friend will love to brag,

May they love Ms. Clinton or Ms. Lorde,

These gifts they will surely hoard,

So rejoice!

You can make the feminist choice.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Tote Bag


Because following the rules, leaves you playing by their rules.

Yes Please Book


The world needs a little more wisdom and wit from Amy Poehler.

Hillary Clinton Poster



Leslie Knope Button


Bros before Hoes? Ovaries before Brovaries.

Elle Est Forte Sweater


If you ever need a reminder, just look down at your top.

Audre Lorde Print


Get it girl.

Beyoncé Mug


Gold, Beyoncé, Affirmation. Morning trifecta.

Bitches Get Stuff Done Card


A reminder to throw on your bossy pants when necessary.

Feminist Agenda Tank


Not a bad conversation starter.

Bad Feminist Book


Delve into some of this year’s most engaging feminist essays.

Ryan Gosling Tea Towel


Who doesn’t want to rub their dishes on Ryan every day?

Body Positive Brooch


Wear it loud, wear it proud.

Flawless Toque


Stay warm, stay flawless.

Audre Lorde Pillow


The best dreams happen on inspirational pillows.

Power to the People iPhone Case


Add a little passion to your possessions.

Feminist Necklace


Wear your heart on your sleeve, and your purpose on your chest.

Feminist Fox Top


Ain’t nobody got time for that, so stop ‘em before they start.

Wild Book


Give the gift of badass-chica-inspiration this holiday season.



  1. My mom bought me the fifty year anniversary version of The Feminine Mystique :)

    1. What a fab gift; a lucky child and an awesome mother!

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