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Just Your Regular Uncool Feminist.

Since the beginning of time (or at least for the last few decades) there has been a highly sought after persona among some women: the ‘cool girl.’ The cool girl is ‘super chill,’ and ‘one of the guys.’ We all know at least one cool girl. She watches sports with the guys, listens to their […]

#TakeAKnee: Protest, Privilege & Patriotism.

The co-host of NBC Sunday Night Football, Mike Tirico, described this past Sunday as “an NFL day the likes of which we have never seen before.” Over 130 NFL players took a knee or sat during the national anthem during the league’s first nine games, and hundreds more, including coaches and owners, stood with linked […]

Dear Women Against Feminism:

To me, being a feminist doesn’t feel like an option. It doesn’t feel like something I chose to ‘pick up’ in my youth. Feminism feels essential, a part of me. I struggle to comprehend how another woman can look at a movement that promotes her success and happiness and see that as an unattractive ideology. […]

My New Classmate is Another Example of Our Systems Failing Women.

Earlier this year, Charles Barrons was charged with assault, breaking and entering, uttering threats, and sexual assault. One night at a bar in Halifax, Barrons spotted an ex-girlfriend with a man. Shortly after the two left, Barrons followed them to the woman’s apartment, where he smashed in the door and forced his way into her bedroom. Barrons fought with the […]

Charlottesville: Don’t Look Away, Don’t Play Ignorant.

Charlottesville: Race and Terror It doesn’t matter that this video is distressing, terrifying and disgusting. Watch it. All of it. You have a responsibility to know what is happening. You can’t claim ignorance when white supremacy sweeps America and when it creeps into Canada. Read this too. Read everything I’ve written. I don’t care that […]

Our ‘Post-Feminist’ World Makes Me Need Feminism.

The notion of a ‘post-feminist’ time began in the 70’s or 80’s. Around this time journalists and academics started to exclaim that feminism was dead: the movement had achieved its goals and it was time for feminism to stand down. As Hawkensworth wrote back then, the essence of the post-feminist era is a belief that […]

Canada is Failing Indigenous Women.

When Justin Trudeau came into power in 2015, many Canadians (myself included) were eager to see if he would deliver on his empathetic, progressive platform. One of the promises he made was a commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and the commission of a national inquiry into the missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW). In […]