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Celebrities Assault Women, and we Still Reward Them.

Donald Trump, Chris Brown, Woody Allen. What do they all have in common? They are all men who sexually assaulted women and lost their careers. Oh wait, no. Never mind. I was just dreaming of an alternate universe where men are held accountable for their actions. Where criminals lose their jobs. Where rapists go to […]

What Has Feminist Television Done For Us?

  I grew up watching TV shows like Full House, Lizzie McGuire and Zoey 101. I would race home from school, plop myself on the couch, and settle in for 23 minutes of family friendly entertainment. In every single show I watched there were the aged archetypes of women. The clumsy-but-adorable teenage girl; the cold, […]

Oscars 2016: Why Do We Care About Such Privileged Problems?

2016 Oscar nominations for acting. The 88th Oscars air this weekend, and with it comes an all white nomination list for the best film and every acting award. Again. This is the second year in a row the Academy has chosen not to nominate a person of colour for an acting award. This year, the […]

Feminism’s Top 20 of 2015.

Two officers becoming the first women to graduate from the US Army’s ranger academy. The Women’s World Cup reminding us that “playing like a girl” means being tough, hardcore and downright awesome. Viola Davis’ empowering speech at the Emmy’s about women of colour in Hollywood. Serena Williams shutting down a reporter who asked her why she […]

My Feminist Wish List.

The holidays always seem to have us wanting. Wanting to reconnect with old friends, wanting massive servings of stuffing, wanting white fluffy snow, and wanting Christmas carols on a never ending loop. But for some of us, the holidays leave us wanting a little something more. They give us the opportunity to tell the world […]

Mindy Kaling: And 16 Other Feminist Buzzwords.

Nice Guy (n.): A man who sacrifices hours of his time listening to his gorgeous female friends complain about their rude, muscular boyfriend because no one else will. The nice guy will never take advantage of a vulnerable girl, objectify a girl, and will always go out of his way to help his female friends, […]

Dad Bod Is Bullshit.

The term “dad bod” is sweeping the nation. What is a dad bod? A dad bod, the newest body shape label, describes someone who is not quite fat, but has no muscle tone. Perhaps a blossoming beer belly from a few too many Heinekens. The dad bod is a type of man who is, “not […]