Fetishization and tokenization are issues of racism and sexism. Issues that people dismiss because they can be construed in a positive light. “How is it offensive if I like black chicks? I love black girls!” “I don’t have a fetish, I am appreciating your culture!” But the reality is so much more complicated than that. […]

Donald Trump will be President of the United States of America. Donald Trump will be President of the United States of America. I say it again, because it just doesn’t sound real. This election’s campaign period went on for over a year. At first we laughed at Trump. Then we questioned whether it was all a ploy […]

Recently, the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba have both began discussing the possibility of reserved times exclusively for women and non-binary folk to use the gym facilities. Naturally, this caused a tornado of people to go absolutely bonkers on social media. People are rushing to share their indignation, saying that they “pay […]

I cringe as I write that title because yes, you are going to spend the next six minutes reading about toilets. Lucky for you, this is significantly less time than most politicians have spent contemplating toilets these last few years. A Little History In the USA, the issue of separating public restrooms by sex wasn’t […]

Feminism can be fun. Sometimes you meet your feminist soul mate, listen to a kick ass lecture, or enlighten someone in your community. There are some beautiful moments within a life led by feminism, moments we cherish. But ninety percent of the time life as a serious feminist is total crap. We routinely get dumped […]

I grew up believing that only monsters rape. This vision of a disheveled, psychotic man creeping behind the bushes was burned into my brain. But rape rarely occurs within the straight angles of a square. Rape is more than a dark alley, a deranged stranger, and a virginal victim. More often than not, sexual assault happens […]

The last decade has been a real struggle for feminism. The movement became ‘cool’ around 2008. We started hearing the term feminism more and more. We saw celebrities adopting the label and news anchors discussing the merits of the movement. In 2010, there were actually feminism themed products. You could buy clothing with big bold […]