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Wisdom from Women of Colour.

Many moons ago I shared some of my favourite quotes on feminism from men and women, white people and people of colour (POC). Today, I thought I would pay special attention to the magic and wisdom of women of colour (WOC), and the richness they add to not just feminist thought, but society as a whole. […]

Being an Ally for Black History Month.

Black History Month, originally known as “Negro History Week,” was created by the historian Carter G. Woodson in 1926. One of the first African Americans to receive a degree from Harvard University, Dr. Woodson noted that most history books largely failed to acknowledge the contributions of African Americans to society. Woodson dedicated much of his […]

Feminism Is Famous: What Does That Mean?

“In our celebrity focused culture, a young star like Emma Watson has the power to amplify important social messages…having young celebrities and young voices can be a really compelling way to have young people change their futures.” – Katie Hood, senior fellow at Duke University We’ve been searching for years, trudging though the depths of […]